The history of today's proionic started at the turn of the millennium. After a year of intensive research, Dr. Roland Kalb succeeded in developing the CBILS® process. In 2003 Dr. Kalb finalized this process for the production of ionic liquids. In the same year, the application for the basic patent was duly filed in Europe and the USA. The uniqueness of this process still constitutes the corner stone of proionic's development.


In 2004, process engineer Dr. Michael Kotschan and chemist Dr. Roland Kalb set up today's proionic in the start-up center of the University of Leoben (Austria). The two founders pursued two essential considerations which are also reflected in the company name:

  • pro ionic – the company fully supports the ionic vision. Even from the beginning this included the elements of developing, producing and distributing ionic liquids as well as developing specific applications and technical solutions.
  • production of ionic liquids – right from the outset it was clear to the two founders that production had to be material-compatible, efficient and economically competitive.



As a business objective proionic defined the more strictly application-oriented research and development of ionic liquids and their application areas in research and technology.


Even in the early years the CBILS® process proved to be the key to further development of the company. In 2006 it was possible to complete the development of an operating medium for the world's first compressor with liquid pistons for Linde AG. Filing of the patent followed immediately. In the same year, the CBILS® process was further developed as a result of intensive research. It was safeguarded and protected in Europe by further patents. proionic reached the next stage of development through a long-term collaboration with BASF SE. BASF licensed the CBILS® process.


At the end of 2008, a very successful collaboration began with Mettop GmbH for the development of new cooling technologies for the metallurgical industry using ionic liquids. Several cooling applications have been successfully brought to market in the course of this collaboration.


2009 became another important year in the company's brief history. Firstly, the company moved to its new location in Grambach/Graz (Austria) in 2009, and secondly decisive steps were implemented in further product development. proionic filed a number of patents in 2009.
 At this point it is particularly worth mentioning the first patent for storing hydrogen in ionic liquids, as it represents the basis for one of proionic's future-oriented application areas. In addition, the first air-conditioning technology patent was filed.


In 2010 a strategic partner and new majority shareholder was found in VTU Holding GmbH. Together with its new partner, the ongoing research and development projects were intensified and vigorously promoted.


In 2012 more patents were filed in the areas of hydrogen and in the area of high-temperature cooling. The successes of this year were rounded off by a further successful collaboration with KRAIBURG Austria GmbH & Co in the area of waste rubber recycling.


In 2013 two prototypes in the field of air conditioning and high-temperature cooling were put into operation. The year was also marked by a grant from the Austrian Research Promotion Agency, amounting to approx. €1.3 million for further development of the ionic hydrogen storage device. This development put proionic in a position to present a balanced product portfolio. According to the market study "Ionic Liquids 2030", proionic is one of the top 15 companies in the field of ionic liquids.


In early 2015, the high-temperature cooling medium IL-B2001 was registered with REACH and successfully put into use jointly with the collaboration partner METTOP GmbH; it has since been running stably and completely without problem under the harsh conditions of the metal-producing industry at the premises of reference customers.