About us

proionic is one of the few practice-oriented technology companies in the world which offers an integrated portfolio in the field of ionic liquids:

- Development, production and sale of ionic liquids
up to the multi-ton range
- Development and sale of new, future-oriented technologies
using applied design of ionic liquids

proionic is part of the VTU Group, VTU Holding GmbH owns 85% of the shares. 15% of the shares are owned by the company's founder Mag. Roland Kalb.

Unique combination of product and technology

proionic's primary goal is to bring both ionic liquids and the expertise for the technologies and applications associated with to the market. At present only a few companies worldwide can offer this strategic setup which makes proionic virtually unique.

The company's success is based on the following points:

  • proionic is a pioneer in the ionic liquids market and for many years has possessed a wealth of experience coupled with almost unique strategic positioning.
  • Its strategic positioning is defined by the symbiosis between highly innovative technology development and the application-oriented design of ionic liquids.
  • proionic already meets the market requirements of the future.
  • The CBILS® production process provides material-compatible and user-safe ionic liquids
  • Application expertise enables targeted implementation of client requests
  • Development expertise enables new technical solutions
  • Implementation is supported by the process and process-based expertise of the VTU Group


Patents: Proprietary rights enable a unique position in the market

One of proionic's most important assets is its expertise which is built on 15 patent families with more than 140 granted or filed patents, including the CBILS® patents in particular.

This unique position is thus assured in many sectors. Customers of proionic can also benefit from these proprietary rights, among other things when concluding license agreements. All significant inventions are either already patented or patent pending in the most important countries in the world.

Areas of application:

  • Production of ionic liquids
  • Air conditioning
  • High-temperature cooling
  • Chemical production processes
  • Lubricants and hydraulic fluids
  • Polymers and biopolymers
  • Energy storage using hydrogen

Unique selling proposition

  • Specification-compliant supply of material-compatible and environmentally-friendly ionic liquids
  • Expertise in the use of ionic liquids
  • Development expertise for technical solutions
  • Process and process-engineering based expertise for implementation