Tailormade Ionic Liquids

You cannot find the desired ionic liquids in the list of our standard-liquids? Please contact us! Having more than 10 years of experience in applied development and technical production of ionic liquids from kilogram scale up to the ton scale, proionic holds a profound know-how in order to produce your individual product according to your specifications. We offer as well to advise you in finding the right additives and formulation compounds and in producing the fully formulated and ready to use product!

Minimum order quantity for customer specific synthesis:


Standard Quality (purum):

Assay (HPLC, IC) 98%w; Halides (IC) <50ppm; Water (KFT) <0.5%w; free Base (HPLC, T) <0.5%w; Aspect clear to faintly turbid.

Further qualities see our General Product Specifications.





- 1000ml flask (minimum order quantity)

- 2000ml flask

- 5000ml canister

- 10 Liter canister

- 30 Liter canister

- 50 Liter drum

- 100 Liter drum

- 200 Liter drum

- 600 Liter IBC

- 1000 Liter IBC