Laboratories & Equipment

R&D laboratory

Both disciplines, basic research and application development, are important steps in transferring an innovative idea to an industrial process. In our R&D laboratory, the production of ionic liquids starts on the gram scale and is subsequently transferred to the kilogram scale and then to the 1000kg scale in the pilot plant. Our resources in the analytical laboratory and in production provide excellent conditions for the research and development of ionic liquids and their production on an industrial scale.

Analytical laboratory

Our fully-equipped analytical laboratory enables the determination of a wide range of properties of ionic liquids and other customer-specific materials. In addition to routine tests such as the determination of viscosity, density, color number or water content, our laboratory also offers spectroscopic (ATR-FTIR, UV/Vis, NMR), chromatographic (LC-MS/MS, IC-MS/MS), thermoanalytical (TGA-DSC-DTA) and electrochemical (CV, amperometry, voltammetry) methods. We use these methods to ensure the quality of our products manufactured here on site.


The production of our innovative ionic liquids is first tested in our pilot and production laboratories. Great emphasis is placed on efficient, low-emission and low-waste production. Several reactors and purification facilities are available for this. Volatile organic compounds are removed highly effectively via short-path evaporators. We pay special attention to the high quality of products which are substantially free of water, reactants and halides. Our patented CBILS® synthesis route makes it possible to produce ionic liquids having a chloride content (Cl-) well below 50 ppm.

DIONEX: HPLC UlitMate 3000 with
CAD detector

  • Separation, identification and quantification of molecular and ionic compounds down to trace levels












Netzsch: Simultaneous TG/DTA/DSC*
Apparatus STA 449 C Jupiter

Thermogravimetric analysis:

  • Determination of thermal short-term and pseudo long-term decomposition point
  • Melting point
  • Solidification point
  • Glass transition point
  • Mesomorphic phase transitions
  • Phase transition enthalpies
  • Absorption and desorption enthalpies


Metrohm: Titration systems

  • Karl-Fischer volumetric titrator
  • Karl-Fischer coulometric titrator
  • Acid/base titration
  • Argentometry
  • Iodometry
  • Redox titration
  • Neutralization titration
  • Precipitation titration

Mecaplex Switzerland:
Glovebox Mecabox 80-1 SPS

  • Glovebox Mecabox 80-1 SPS for working under inert conditions
  • argon inert gas, <1ppm O2 <1ppm H2O
  • Synthesis
  • Analytics


VTA Verfahrenstechnische
Anlagen GmbH:
Short path evaporator distillation plant

  • Continuous high-end evaporation of solvent residues through to low volatile organic compounds under oil diffusion high-vacuum

Büchi Glas Uster: Kiloclave

  • Synthesis on the kilogram scale at up to 40 bar pressure

PDC: Combined vacuum distillation
- short path distillation plant

  • Rectification of organic compounds
  • Medium vacuum and normal pressure distillation

UIC-VTU enhanced mass transfer
unit: Short path distillation plant

Highly effective removal of volatile components from ionic liquids on an industrial scale.

De Dietrich / PDC /
H&K: Batch reactors

  • Chemical reactions
  • Evaporation
  • Extraction/phase separation in the reactor
  • Crystallization
  • Pressure-resistant up to 16 bar



BÜCHI Glas Uster: Batch reactor
with distillation column

  • Distillation
  • Azeotropic distillation (phase separation)
  • Evaporation to any desired consistency
  • Performance of reactions with several components
  • Gas introduction below the liquid level
  • Rectification
  • Extraction/phase separation in the reaction vessel
  • Crystallization

BÜCHI Labortechnik: Rotavapor
R-250 EX

  • Fast, gentle distillation
  • Reflux reactions
  • Thickening and concentration
  • Drying and purification of ionic liquids



PDC – tube bundle reactor

  • Continous production of methanolic solutions of CBILS®-carbonates
  • Superior Space-Time-Yield

2 m³ pressure reactor B700

  • Chemical pressure reaction
  • Evaporation
  • Pressure-resistant up to 60 barg



Thermo Fisher Scientific: LCQ Fleet mass spectrometer / ion trap

  • Identification and selective quantification up to the ULTRA trace level, standalone or coupled with HPLC or ion chromatography

DIONEX: ICS 5000 Ion chromatography

  • Separation, identification and quantification of structurally different organic and inorganic anions and cations (simultaneous) up to the trace level

METHROM: Potentiostate / Galvanostate

  • Measurement of voltage windows in ionic liquid electrolytes

HACH LANGE: Spectrophotometer / Colour Measurement

  • Measurement of colour number according to HAZEN, Gardner, ASTM D 1500, Saybolt, EBC, Iodine value