Chemical production processes

effective – commercially feasible – safe

Chemical processes are generally a very large area of application for ionic liquids. They render completely new reactions possible because their specific chemical and physical properties make new directions conceivable. This concerns not only their unusual solubility properties but also, for example, their special behavior when combined with microwaves, or simply the fact that they are non-volatile and that therefore many production processes can be operated in an environmentally friendly, emission-free way without solvent loss.


Advantages of proionic

proionic is open to the very wide range of tasks its customers challenge it with. Solutions can be adapted individually to each and every task. proionic's application expertise and its product and reference database enable it to satisfy customer requests with increasing speed and efficiency. It is possible to make ionic liquids available for screenings in development projects specifically and very quickly thanks to the basic chemicals existing at proionic and with the help of proionic's CBILS® technology. Depending on customer needs, proionic can offer all the advantages of ionic liquids, the unique production process and application expertise. Processes using microwaves are a special area of technology at proionic. proionic has also filed a patent for a technology in which magnetizable ionic liquids are used to purify chemicals and to obtain chemicals from liquids.


proionic has granted a non-exclusive license for the CBILS® process to BASF SE. Another collaboration is currently emerging in the area of producing electrolytes for dye sensitized solar cells. In the field of chemical production processes, experience already exists in the development of innovative reactions in ionic liquids as solvents, in the development of entirely new catalyst systems and in the development of methods for separation technologies.