Energy storage using hydrogen

liquid – unpressurized – stable – rechargeable – safe

The storage of energy using innovative technologies has evolved in recent years to become a global megatrend. The fossil fuels predominantly used at present are becoming more expensive and have an adverse effect on the climate. Biomass is considered to be ecologically positive but is limited in availability and is mainly available in solid form only. What is needed are emission-free, gaseous or liquid energy storage devices with high energy densities. Hydrogen is such an energy storage medium but at present it is difficult to store and incurs high costs as it requires high pressures and low temperatures.

proionic is developing ionic liquids which can store hydrogen without pressurization and can store it stably and safely at normal temperature. The energy densities of the energy usable in machines that are currently achievable are already around 20% - 25% of the storage capacity of conventional fuels, and are therefore in the leading field of technologies for hydrogen storage. It would be possible to increase this value to approx. 35% and even further in the ideal case. proionic's storage liquids therefore lie within the targets of the US Department of Energy which are used worldwide as a basis for the development of storage systems for hydrogen. The hydrogen is released from the ionic liquids selectively and as required and is used to generate electricity in fuel cells. The depleted ionic liquid can then be recycled continuously for many charging and discharging cycles and can be recharged with hydrogen.

Renewable energy (sun, wind, etc.) is very easy to store with the help of hydrogen. By storing the hydrogen in ionic liquids, it becomes possible to store, transport and use the energy stably and safely under normal ambient conditions.
As a result, in future there will be a hydrogen storage medium available for the automotive, aerospace and shipping industry, for the chemical industry, for auxiliary power units, for mobile devices or for the safe transport and storage of hydrogen in general.