High-temperature cooling

revolutionary – lifetime-prolonging – unpressurized – non-combustible – non-explosive

Due to the extreme conditions prevailing, high-temperature units contain components which have to be replaced frequently. This causes idle times and associated huge costs. For the operators of such units, the continuous cooling of such components would result in potentially huge savings. Such cooling operations are not possible with conventional coolants as there is always a possibility of faults in the mechanical plant sections to be cooled. The result of any associated leakage of coolant can be devastating explosions as the coolants currently available form very explosive, flammable decomposition products.

Advantages of the technology developed by proionic

The use of conventional coolants, such as water or mineral-oil-based formulations is not without problems in high-temperature applications. Conventional coolants usually have to work even at lower temperatures which may result in corrosion effects in the hot plants. None of these problems occur when using the ionic liquids specifically developed by proionic as coolants for high-temperature processes (e.g. in the production of metals, glass, ceramics or in nuclear reactors).

The coolants developed by proionic on the basis of ionic liquids have virtually no vapor pressure, are non-combustible, non-corrosive and do not lead to explosions on contact with hot production media. As a result, it is possible to cool high-temperature units that could not be cooled previously. It is also possible to achieve cooling temperatures of more than 130 °C and thus to prevent aggressive gases from condensing out. The working temperatures of ionic liquids currently in existence are between 20 °C and 200 °C, up to 250 °C for short periods enabling units with operating temperatures up to 1500 °C  to be cooled. Special coolants based on ionic liquids, which can be operated at liquid temperatures up to 450 °C, are under development and as a result the operating temperature of the units may be well above 1500 °C. The cooling greatly increases the lifetime and therefore the economic efficiency of these units.

proionic's product therefore safeguards people, plants, production capacity and profit.




For applications in the field of metallurgical aggregates, proionic collaborates with Mettop GmbH, an acknowledged Austrian plant engineering and design company which operates internationally. Mettop designs and supplies metallurgical plants, proionic supplies the necessary ionic liquids.
proionic is open to new collaborative development partnerships outside the metallurgical equipment sector.