Lubricants and hydraulic fluids

high-performance – non-combustible – stable – non-corrosive

The technological requirements for state-of-the-art machines are becoming more and more complex, with the demand for highly specialized lubricants and hydraulic fluids rising as a result. The safety requirements for marketable machines are also continually increasing. This means that the consumables must also be correspondingly safe.


Advantages of the technology developed by proionic

Ionic liquids exhibit completely new lubricating and hydraulic properties that actually allow machines to be designed in a specific way. Such possibilities are becoming more and more real thanks to proionic's ever-increasing expertise when it comes to the material compatibility of ionic liquids and its knowledge of developing appropriate additives.

The most important strengths of ionic liquids in the lubricants sector and in the hydraulics sector are that have almost constant viscosity (high VI values of up to 400) over large temperature ranges, extremely low compressibility, very high shear stability, negligible cavitation even under tensile stresses of up to -1000 bar and tremendous lubricating and cooling properties. In addition, they are de facto non-flammable.


proionic develops lubricants and hydraulic fluids for a variety of different applications for prestigious companies in the automotive industry. proionic is open to new collaborative development projects outside these mainly very specific areas of application.