Polymer - Biopolymer

The special and adjustable properties of ionic liquids make them ideal solvents for biopolymers such as cellulose, lignocellulose and chitin as well as for artificial polymers from simple thermoplastics to thermoset plastics and high-performance polymers such as aramid. It is therefore possible to develop not only new methods of treating natural products containing cellulose to produce very pure cellulose or cellulose fibers but also to develop biofuels. In the case of plastics, completely new material compounds become possible with and without the use of microwaves.

Advantages of proionic
Proionic offers its customers expertise and ionic liquids for the development of methods to process and purify natural products containing cellulose and lignin. The result, for example, is the ability to produce high-purity alpha cellulose. On the other hand, proionic holds two patent families for joining plastics. This is accomplished, for example, by bonding with the specific use of microwaves where ionic liquids serve as the coupling medium, or by dissolving and precipitating with a welding effect being achieved as a result of coagulation between two similar or different plastics and thus being able to develop new, innovative composite materials.

Collaboration on the production of high-purity cellulose is currently being established with one European and one US company. In a collaboration with a further European company, proionic's expertise in the welding of aramid fibers (Kevlar® fibers) is specifically being used in innovative processes for producing this company's products. All these applications are being developed for very specific sectors. proionic is open to new collaboration outside these sectors.