Your chance, to redefine the wheel!

Take advantage of the exceptional properties of ionic liquids combined with the expertise of proionic to bring completely new technological solutions and products to the market. We will develop revolutionary innovations with you that have very high marketing potential. Don’t just look for improvements, but rather aspire to achieve real leaps in innovation!

Let's abandon the usual routine

Applications for ionic liquids

  • Solvents and catalysts in the chemical industry
  • New operating fluids in innovative plant and machinery (lubricants, hydraulic fluids, coolants, heat transfer media, sealing media)
  • Performance chemicals in finished products, e.g. as stabilizers, conductivity improvers or plasticizers
  • New process chemicals for reaction technology and separation technology
  • Electrolytes, e.g. in dye-sensitized solar cells, Li-ion batteries and in electronics
  • Energy storage devices or waste gas treatment in the energy and environment sector
  • Production and processing of composite materials, high-performance fibers and nano particles, e.g. chemical welding
  • Biopolymers and renewable raw materials, e.g. for purification or digestion of cellulose
  • High-performance coupling media in microwave technology
  • Finishing chemicals in the textile and paper industries


Our range for your requirements

  • Targeted development of application-optimized ionic liquids
  • Development of new future-oriented technologies with ionic liquids
  • Production of material-compatible and user-safe ionic liquids using our CBILS® production process
  • By using our development expertise, we generate new technical solutions jointly with our customers
  • Portfolio of ionic liquids ensures the right choice of the appropriate medium for your applications


Your chance, to redefine the wheel!

Make use of brand new technologies.

Your chance to strike out in new directions.

Join us in bridging the gap between innovation and application.